Phoenix Metrocenter Mall getting $850M redevelopment project

Barbara Wilson / Monty Castillo

Phoenix Metrocenter Mall which is known for being one of Phoenix’s most iconic properties is going to receive a $850M redevelopment makeover which was announced on 1/25/23.  After 47 years of service, the mall closed in 2020, due to low occupancy levels following the Covid-19 pandemic as well as failed rejuvenation projects.  The redevelopment will turn the Metrocenter Mall into a walkable-village featuring residential apartments for rent and ownership as well as boutiques, retail stores, restaurants, bars, a center park, pet-friendly parks, and other commercial and entertainment establishments.  Residents and visitors will also enjoy an amphitheater and pedestrian and bicycle pathways.  A garage-deck parking facility will also be included to accommodate parking.  

Part of the revitalized Metrocenter property will include a new Light Rail Station.  The City of Phoenix is allocating $150 million to build the new station which is scheduled to be completed in 2024.  The new Light Rail Station will be one of the major focal points of the redevelopment project and will connect directly to Downtown Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona State University and other communities in the East Valley.

The redevelopment of the Metrocenter Mall will not only create new jobs it will have a positive impact on the housing market in the Northwest Phoenix area and surrounding communities.  

If you have visited the Metrocenter Mall before it closed, let us know what you liked best by leaving a comment below.  

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