North Scottsdale’s CrackerJax Amusement Park Being Redeveloped

Barbara Wilson / Monty Castillo

CrackerJax Amusement Park was a staple in the North Scottsdale area before closing for good.  Families and individuals of all ages enjoyed the amusement park for years.  Miniature golf, water attractions, driving range, restaurants, arcade, and beach volleyball were just some of the attractions enjoyed by all.  

Becoming “Parque”

George Kurtz who is one of the wealthiest people in the State of Arizona acquired the 28-acre property.  The redevelopment will be known as the “Parque” and consist of multifamily housing, office buildings, restaurants, retail, and a 5-star banded hotel.  Refer to the Phoenix Business Journal article for information on the redevelopment.

The “Parque” redevelopment project is going to be good for the Scottsdale economy bringing additional jobs, thus having a positive impact on the housing market in the area as well. 

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